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Our New Site

We let go of our old domain since the domain has always been targeted by domain shmackers and bought a new domain

We think a new website domain would better fit another transition coming our way in a few weeks. It is our intent to continue to serve the Lord wherever we are, be it here in Philippine or in US. We hope that with this blog, we will continue to share with you the ministry landscape in the Philippines as well as the church and social needs.

While it is sad for us to leave our friends and family here in the Philippines, we are awaiting what God have for us in the next coming months. We are trusting that His ways are higher than our ways, His plans higher than ours. Regardless of the circumstances, we are grateful and certain He is with us and called us back to US.

What this blog will be? We hope that aside from sharing with you the mission landscape in the Philippines & ministry opportunities, we’d be documenting public-worthy stories of our family here. From all things about homeschooling, to crafts, parenting, homeschool quick cooking tips & recipes. What we won’t be documenting here is our travel plans, personal and medical stuffs to protect our family privacy.

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