Boxes and boxes

Our boxes from Manila came. 12 of them (we still have the other 10 in Manila). It’s like Christmas for the kids, opening the boxes and seeing the things familiar to them, toys from their bedroom, their beddings, books, etc. I know they are just material things, but God knows my thoughts.

The other day, i was looking at the toilet paper in the bathroom, how nice it would be to hang the toilet paper somewhere so that it’s not on the tiny ledge of the sink, with a good chance of falling behind the trash can. I was also hoping that the ants didn’t get to any of our boxes especially the box with items from our kitchen.

When we open one box, it has a toilet paper holder with our kitchen utensils and some broken garden pottery and frames. Other than that, all are intact and glad that we actually packed that toilet paper holder. It was expensive here so we don’t really want to buy a new one.

I’ve been thinking how it would be nice for some of the kid’s toys to arrive. It’s because I know that inside the box of toys and books are plastic bins we could use for storage. Right now, we don’t really have any storage other than the cabinets on each bedrooms. The cabinets are big enough to have all our clothes. Caleb’s cabinet is at least bigger that it can have his clothes, the kid’s books and our books. When we opened another box, I didn’t utter any words because it has the box of plastic bins with toys. The boxes are not marked, so we don’t really know what lies beneath. We found spices and especially tools like hammer and nails, pliers and screw drivers which we’ve been planning to buy before so we can build a shelf or something that will hold our things lying on the floor. And yes! One of the boxes has all our tools, even a small can of paint and hand saw to plan for our next building project—a bed turned to daybed/couch (since we have to return our borrowed couch soon).

“Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O LORD, you know it altogether.”    – Psalm 139:4

Opening the boxes has been a fun activity for our family. The kids was excited to pick a box and open it and sometimes, they help us clean up or put away things. We’ve had a box full of sand, apparently, the tape dispenser broke and spilled sands all over, everywhere, every corner of each books and papers, etc. 

Our last box gave us another surprise of a spilled cocoa powder. Cleaning up lasted until 1am but we are thankful that all 12 boxes came. We got one pack of pancake mix and it was a nice breakfast treat for all of us. I didn’t realized I also packed some private selection teas so that was also a nice treat for me and Tim because good teas are expensive here. We found a bag of lollipops (suckers). That will be a nice treat to children in our neighborhood. All in a box day. 

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