Catching Up

Yay, it’s been a while since I blogged. Dealing with transitions, getting settled, getting acquainted, organizing, house and more! Those were the words that I can describe these past 5 month’s journey our family was on. I can’t believe we’ve been back in the midwest for quite a while. It still feels like we just arrived. But that was history now, our plane landed safely 6 months ago and we are here for good (as far as we know).

We’re finally settled in our new home. It doesn’t take a day to make a house a home. Overall, we’ve conquered every challenges we’ve had to deal with and most of them feels so minor compared to the challenges in the Philippines. Aesthetically, Tim and I enjoyed working together on finding thrift store items to revamp (I get therapy with restoring old items into something new) and reuse for our house.

We painted the house! Here’s some before and after of our house projects. I’m a self-proclaimed DIYer. Yes, not a pro but a momma who loves to do things her way…LOL.

Our web studio came in full-swing operating back in US. Thankful for returning clients and new clients that I am getting to know and help with their business. Living in the Philippines taught our family a lot that we hope we don’t forget. We learned to be patient, to take our time and be in the moment. We hustle with everyday work but we remember that life is an everyday gift. And that gift is shared with our family and friends. We miss the morning visits by our family and relatives at our Laguna house, the lazy weekends with my nieces and nephews or just a quick ride via tricycle and stroll around the small outdoor mall near our house. Indeed, it wasn’t just an experience we have shared with our children, but an adventure!

Now that some things have slowed down (although not entirely), I’m taking a break from marketing and concentrating on deliveries, hopefully I can blog more also on this side of my world.

Our homeschooling is almost finish for this year. We are on summer vacation mode although there are still summer work to be done. That is to recover the lost school times during the move. After all, it wasn’t just an out-of-state move. We hope to travel more in the next couple of weeks in the tri-state area while catching up with our homeschool reading & writing.



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