Hot Weather and Memories of Zero Degrees

If you’ve read our latest newsletter, we’ve finally made it to Dumaguete, “The City of Gentle People”. We were picked up by Kuya Arman of Pastoral Training of Asia (PTA) and the following day, we were toured in town by the resident missionary couple here. 

It’s been almost a week since we came here and we can feel the intensity of summer each day. However, the breeze of the provincial place and the trees all around the PTA compound gives us some relief from the hot weather. 

TWO MONTHS ago, we left US via Chicago O’Hare Airport. Mom, Dad and Courtney brought us to the airport and it was zero degrees fahrenheit at that time. My fingers feels like it was about to break when we were unloading our luggages from Dad’s van. 


It’s been 2 months since we’ve left and yes, honestly, we do miss the spring time seeing new flowers in bloom and the cool mist in the morning. Spring was my favorite season and next is Fall. Yet, we are grateful to God for bringing us here. Not to brag about the weather or the ocean, but because we are thankful that we can make an impact to other people’s lives here. We know we can do that in our favorite town of Winona Lake, but just like our fellow brother have said, “You’ll never know until you’re here how much power a white guy can do”. 

As the heat intensity rises today, we are blessed to have a/c (aircon) on each room. We usually just turn on the a/c at night, timed for 2 hours. But today, it was so hot, we settled on one room and turned on the a/c during the day. 


Our transportation has been a challenge but available whenever we need it, using public transportation like a pedicab. The PTA compound is all the way at the end of our street. So, before we can catch a pedicab (also called tricycle), we have to walk out of the street on a very hot weather. The kids are used to it, at least for a while, it works for us right now before rainy season begins. We are praying that we can raise money to be able to buy a used van or suv before the season changes. Right now, Tim just started going to hospital ministry in the Dumaguete Provincial Hospital and was able to get to the hospital by himself. One of the main leaders in the ministry brought him back home riding at the back of his motor bike.

If you can join us in prayer as we seek God’s provision to raise money and buy a vehicle that we can use for our family and ministry, that would be greatly appreciated! We are hoping to buy a used but reliable vehicle like Honda Innova or Toyota Revo.



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